Edifixio Cloud Computing

EdifiXio is an IT company specialized in WEB technologies and Integration with Enterprise solutions since its inception in 2000 and in cloud computing for the last 4 years. EdifiXio can migrate and implement your web and mobile applications in the cloud with Amazon Web Services offer. We mesure and optimize the performance of  your web applications with Compuware offer. We rely on salesforce API, Google API and middleware technologies to connect your IT landscape with Salesforce.com and Google Apps.

edifixio solutions

Amazon web services


EdifiXio manages more than 250 servers on AWS platform for very large companies.

EdifiXio can guarantee SLA for Business critical applications with High Availability architecture, application monitoring and 24 hours x 7 days operations services.

Applications can be setup in a few days.




EdifiXio can provide you with Application Performance Monitoring (APM) services to mesure and optimize the performance of your WEB application

We rely on Compuware APM offer to provide Customers with services in the design the deployment and the operation of Internet and Intranet WEB applications. Our partnership with Compuware is on Gomez, RUM and Dynatrace solutions

We have done Gomez implementation for Large CAC40 companies and rely on Compuware technologies to monitor Amazon Web Services (AWS) implementations and Cloud solutions such as Salesforce.com.