Solar – Conext Advisor by Schneider Electric

There is an almost infinite number of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and platforms out there.
However, when it comes to an industry oriented product, the market is more limited. EdifiXio has worked with Schneider Electric on a solution that enables insights and control over photovoltaic power farms. Microsoft Azure has been selected to run the backend services.

The solution has been designed using as many PaaS services as possible.
The target of this design is to get maximum flexibility and availability of the cloud infrastructure at the right costs.

The application is targeting different profiles of users: Operator, Services team, Power plant managers, …
It allows all the users to manage operations on their installation in real time and track the performances of their assets from everywhere and at any time. Moreover with built in analytics component the system is able to detect PV modules that are not connected, soiling on modules and predict the solar energy generation.

EdifiXio’s scope is to handle 24*7 Managed Services, covering infrastructure monitoring, and first level application support. By monitoring the behavior of the critical components of the system and by managing the entire Cloud Infrastructure Edifixio allows Solar Business to stay focus on developing advanced features that will help their customers to increase the performances of their installation and secure their investments

The key advantage of the power of Azure combined with EdifiXio’s Managed Services is to give maximum flexibility and freedom to the application developpers, to serve their business and users.


Conext Advisor 2